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The first and most fundamental question any business must ask is “Who are we trying to serve?” Followed immediately by “How are we going to serve them?”  We help authors and businesses answer these questions, and then create business strategies and growth tactics to deliver on those goals.

First you must be visible to your target audience. Next you must demonstrate how you can help them, and pique their interest to learn more. Then you can convert them into customers and advocates.

In today’s world of social media, strong visibility and effective engagement are becoming minimum requirements for a successful business. Who Are You Trying To Serve? can help you get there.

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– Strategy and marketing plans

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Who Are You Trying To Serve? is led by Brian Allain, producer of Writing for Your Life, Publishing in Color, and Compassionate Christianity, and formerly Founding Director of the Frederick Buechner Center. At the Buechner Center he launched and managed Mr. Buechner’s online presence, established strategic partnerships around the world, and launched new workshops and books.

Through Who Are You Trying To Serve? (formerly known as Enliven Your Tribe!) Brian has supported several additional spiritual authors with their online marketing, including Kathleen Norris, the Madeleine L’Engle estate, Philip Yancey, Diana Butler Bass, Leslie Leyland Fields, Dominique Gilliard, and the Marcus Borg Foundation.  He has also supported Drew Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, and other companies on various marketing projects.

Writing for Your Life offers a variety of services and resources to support spiritual writers including writers’ conferences, online webinars, and writer support services from leading industry veterans. Publishing in Color is a series of conferences intended to increase the number of books published by under-represented groups of spiritual writers. Compassionate Christianity offers inclusive, welcoming, and affirming thought leadership and resources, reflecting the compassion Jesus modeled for us.

This follows a successful career in high-tech, where Brian led several start-up businesses at both small and Fortune 500 companies. His strengths are creating business transformation through innovation and high-trust relationships, with positive influence and great dedication.

Learn more about Brian here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianallain



“Working with Brian Allain is such a pleasure that it never feels like work. He is one of the most positive, creative, effective and genuinely kind people you will ever meet.”

– Barbara Brown Taylor


“Few in this world are as smart, generous, creative, and kind as Brian Allain. He’s a joy to partner with, honors God with his best, and genuinely loves helping, launching, and leading others. I’m always excited to work with Brian, but especially grateful to call him a friend.”

– Patricia Raybon, Author


“I’m extremely selective in who I partner with when it comes to writing conferences and seminars, and it’s why I’m so excited about Writing For Your Life.”

– Rachel Held Evans, Author


“Brian brings a depth of insight and wisdom to the conversation which is both pragmatic and ambitious. As our consultant, he effortlessly saw a potential flaw in our project which might have kept us from our aspiration.  Through conversation and his support, we re-thought our project and now are well on our way.  He has keen listening skills and a wealth of know-how – all to our project’s benefit.”

– Rev. Nancy Lynne Westfield, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Education, Director of the Forum for Social Justice: Connecting Ideas with Action, Drew University Theological School


“Brian Allain is a gifted communicator and strategist. He has been a valuable resource for helping our team to hone our message, reach new audiences, and grow our social media reach. His experience and creative insight helped us to reach new heights.”

– Anne Stewart, Associate VP for Communication and Deputy to the President, Princeton Theological Seminary


“Brian brings writers sorely needed marketing knowledge and experience, and has built a very impressive network of authors, agents, and publishers. We’ve worked together on several conferences and seminars over the years, and I am always impressed with his integrity and ability.”

– Jeff Munroe, Executive Vice President, Western Theological Seminary


“Brian Allain is smart, responsive and inventive. When you hire Enliven Your Tribe, you’re hiring an advocate who will apply his cutting-edge skills to the ever-changing world of social media. His work on your behalf will allow you to do what writers do best: focus on their writing!”

– Leslie Leyland Fields


“I have been thrilled and impressed with what Brian has accomplished on behalf of his clients. I am so glad he is able to apply what he learned to help other authors.”

– Ami McConnell, former VP and Editor-in-Chief, Howard Books / Simon & Schuster


“Working with Brian is a delight.  He’s inventive, flexible, efficient, and experienced.  He listens.  He’s open to creative ideas and exercises his own considerable creativity.  One need only see what he’s done with his clients to know how thoughtful and aesthetically astute his work is.”

– Marilyn McEntyre, Author


“Brian has done an amazing job taking writer’s work, revitalizing them, and helping them get the global attention they deserve. I believe there are many authors who would be well-advised to seek his support.”

– Stephen W. Hanselman, Founder & President LevelFiveMedia, and former Executive Vice President, HarperCollins


“Brian and I have worked together and known each other for many years.  His business insight and judgement are excellent, and he is a great joy to work with.”

– Raju Rishi, General Partner, RRE Ventures


“Brian’s results on behalf of multiple authors have been nothing short of outstanding.  He has far exceeded what I thought was possible.”

– Lyn Cryderman, Consultant and former Publisher, Zondervan


“Brian and I worked together at multiple companies, including two different positions that I recruited him for.  His performance was outstanding in every case.  He makes things happen, no matter the obstacles. The moment he’d commited to a plan, I considered it complete. In addition he offers a thorough, insightful, “common sense” perspective that has been invaluable.  I highly recommend him.”

– Eric Sumner, Founder and CEO, Lion Cave Capital

“Brian has always been available, supportive, hard working and knowledgeable for me…The whole experience was worthwhile, pleasant and useful for a newbie like myself. Here’s to my next book, and thank you Brian!”

– Justin Wells, documentary film maker and author


“I have had the wonderful experience of working closely with Brian for the last 7 years. Early on, Brian established the warm, comfortable culture that exists in the company to this day. Brian brings a unique wealth of experience to any situation. I think this allows him to see things with a more holistic viewpoint than most people. I very much have valued Brian’s input through the years. When Brian sees something that needs to be done, or he is given a new task, he accomplishes it with thoughtfulness, thoroughness and excellence. On a personal level, Brian is a warm and generous man – I am grateful for the 7 years we have worked together. ”

– Julie Maxwell, Director of Human Resources, Capital Services


“My one-on-one telephone consultations with Brian Allain are always productive…It’s up to me to continue with my communications plan but I feel the work I’ve done with Writing For Your Life (including attending their workshops and conferences) has given me the grounding and momentum to carry on as I move forward. I highly recommend the experience and expertise of Brian Allain and the resources of Writing For Your Life!”

– Vivian Fransen, author


“I worked with Brian for several years at Capital Services. Brian is a seasoned, experienced business professional whose multifaceted strengths allow him success in varied business challenges.  Brian thrives in an environment where he is presented with a business need and he methodically applies creative solutions.  He has a strong understanding of business processes, both operational as well as the revenue side and is able to bring projects to completion.”

– Meredith Murphy, CFO, Capital Services


“Brian has provided generous encouragement and excellent resources to help me focus my approach, build a platform, and develop a way of life with writing closer to its heart. Writing for Your Life sparked a personal and professional overhaul and it’s not over yet. My blog is in the works, and so am I. Breathing feels good.”

– Rev. Jen Adams, pastor


“I have great respect for Brian.  His strengths are too many to attempt to describe here.  I recommend him highly!”

– Rohit Mehra, VP Network Infrastructure, IDC


“You’ll find working with Brian to be a superb experience.  He is excellent at both business strategy and execution.  His years of experience in various business models and industries help him find innovative solutions to business challenges.  He does everything with a high level of integrity.”

– Lorenzo Mejia, veteran start-up executive




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